Combat Motors announces new manufacturing and service facility in Hurricane, due to open this spring

January 22, 2023

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Combat Motors is moving to southwest Utah. Manufacturer and developer of the F-113 and F-131 Hellcat, B-120 Wraith, P-120/R-131 Fighter, X-132 Hellcat, Hellcat Speedster, P-51 Combat Fighter, FA-13 Combat Bomber, F-117 Fighter and Combat Wraith motorcycles, Combat Motors will open a new manufacturing facility in Hurricane in April.

This latest expansion comes on the heels of strong year-over-year growth for the company and is one of several new investments Combat Motors has made in recent months. New equipment expenditures for motorcycle design, manufacturing and apparel production, a soon-to-be revamped online presence and shortly beginning production of the new Hellcat model signal strong business growth for the motorcycle manufacturer.