Safety Awards Expo

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Safety awards

The Utah Manufacturers’ Association annually presents awards to acknowledge excellence within the industry. Awards are divided into categories based on company size, providing every organization an equal opportunity to be recognized for their achievements. Details and eligibility requirements can be found in the accompanying award. All award-winning companies will be invited to attend the Safety Awards Expo on June 27, 2023. The UMA encourages self-nominations and offers a great chance to publicly showcase your company’s outstanding contributions.

Company Size Based on 3 Categories

  • Small (1 – 99)
  • Medium (100 – 299)
  • Large (300 +)

Last Day to Apply for the Awards

  • June 2, 2023

award and recognition categories

Safety Leader of the Year

Any Utah manufacturing or distribution company employee that exemplifies commitment to a safe workplace. Has a demonstrated commitment to driving safety culture in their organization and has been responsible for or greatly involved in implementing robust safety programs and culture. The successful recipient of this prestigious award will embody what it means to be a Safety Leader through their actions.

Award of Excellence & Superior Safety Award

To be considered for the Superior Safety Award, you must complete the application process and qualify for the Award of Excellence. The Safety Award of Excellence will be given to the top 21 performing companies from all entries submitted. To be considered for the Award of Excellence, your Utah-located site’s incidence rate must be lower than the national average for your industry, and essential basic elements of a safety and health program must be in place. To be considered for the Superior Safety Award, in addition to the Award of Excellence questions, you must submit a narrative of why you believe that your company should be chosen for this award.