Alta Racks: Designing & Manufacturing a Superior Bike Rack

January 5, 2024
Podcast Episode

Alta Racks: Designing & Manufacturing a Superior Bike Rack

Making Utah 

Episode Description

Ali Yazdian transitioned from defense engineer to entrepreneur when he set out to make a military-grade bike rack that handles off-roading with ease and doesn’t damage the bikes it’s transporting. 

Like many Utahans, Ali is an outdoor junkie who loves to hit the slope and the red sandy hills of southern Utah. Learn how he took a personal pain point from an idea to design to a growing outdoor brand.  From Ali, you’ll learn

  • The reality of finding the right people to manufacture your product locally
  • The challenges and iterations necessary to get new products just right
  • Why it’s essential to never compromise on quality or your passion
  • Sometimes the only road to success is through trial and error

See how Ali is making his, and every biker’s dream, a reality by committing to quality by staying close to the product every day.