Investor testimonials




“For Cambridge Air Solutions, being a member of UMA allows us the opportunity to connect with the members and share with them our mission of “Helping leaders create healthy working environment for hard working people”. Through the use of our industry leading HVAC technologies modern manufacturers can create a better place to work for their employees all year long.

Cambridge Air Solutions


“Membership in the Utah Manufacturers Association is important to Marathon Petroleum because it helps us to understand the manufacturing needs of Utah and to know how we can best support continued economic growth.  We work together on proactive policy and work to solve many of the challenges that face the industry and the general population.  The UMA also provides us with a mechanism to give back to the community in which we operate.  We value our partnership with the UMA and believe we are working together towards a stronger Utah.”




“As a major energy provider in Utah, the Manufacturers of the state  are among our largest customers.  Their success is vital to the economic prosperity of Utah.  The UMA provides its members with many benefits, whether it be navigating legislation, sharing best practices or providing resources to find a qualified workforce.”

Dominion Energy


I appreciate the Utah Manufacturers Association’s dedication to working with state government and manufacturers to ensure that the industry continues to be strong in Utah.  I also appreciate the trainings, events, and opportunity to visit and learn from other manufacturers in the area.  It is good to have a strong support group and presence for manufacturing and the UMA does a great job organizing this!  Thank you.”

- Brett Burmingham



“UMA, I wanted to reach out to you and simply say “thank you” for representing us as well as other manufacturers in the state in regards to the Biden administration vaccination mandate.  When I reached out to you in early October you quickly put a Zoom meeting together with Senator Lee and different influencers including our own CEO Mark Jenkins on October 21st.  This is why we belong to the UMA.  You continue to represent us politically, You fight battles on our behalf that we are not always qualified to fight, and you are great to keep us informed of the results.  Thanks again for helping us avoid a catastrophic problem we would have encountered had the supreme court voted differently.  All the best with the upcoming Utah legislative session.


-Rob Despain

Peterson Inc.


“Swire Coca-Cola, USA is a large company that makes, sells, and distributes beverages (Including Coca-Cola) in 23 States: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.  Its headquarters are located in Draper, Utah, and it employs more than 6,700 associates there who are responsible for distributing more than 300 separate brands and flavors.  Our mission is simple but ambitious: to be the best, whether that is as an employer, a business partner, or a corporate citizen.  We are proud of our partnership with the Utah Manufacturers Association.”

Swire Coca-Cola USA


Wsrp has been a long-time member of the Utah Manufacturers Association.  Our partners and staff have enjoyed the membership and have benefited from our membership.  Our membership has enabled WSRP and its staff to better support our clients in the industry by being more aware of current events, including legislative happenings and how the economy impacts Utah manufacturing companies.  We have been able to network and build valuable relationships and do business with great Utah-based manufacturing companies.  We look forward to many more years of membership.”

- Douglass Myers




“Beehive Insurance Agency, Inc. has been a sponsoring member of the Utah Manufacturers Association for many years.  We have found the UMA to be an outstanding business partner in developing relationships and new business opportunities.  We deliver best-in-class insurance services for manufacturers, and the UMA provides support, resources, and opportunities to member businesses.  Combine these benefits with the Workers Compensation discounts our clients receive for being a UMA member and eligibility for UMA’s sponsored health plan, and it becomes a Win-Win connection for our clients.  We are grateful for our UMA partnership and plan to continue this alliance for many years to come.”

- Kay Howland

Beehive Insurance


“One of the greatest value-added benefits resulting from our partnership with UMA is the benchmarking of best practices across the Intermountain Region.  The resulting connections are invaluable.”

- Brent Steele

Bonnell Aluminum


“Chevron greatly values our membership in the Utah Manufacturers Association.  UMA makes it possible for companies to collaborate, learn from one another, and create a strong voice for manufacturing to help Utah succeed.”



“Industrial Supply Company has benefitted from the vast, experienced and invaluable network of businesses and manufacturers that share membership in the Utah Manufacturers Association.  We at ISC value the collaboration which enables ISC to provide solutions that are conducive to the driving and building of Utah’s strong and diverse economy.”

- Shawn Newall

Industrial Supply


“KeyBank is proud to be a yearlong Sponsor of UMA as manufacturing is a major economic driver for the State of Utah,” said Drew Yergensen, KeyBank Commercial Banking Sales Leader and incoming Utah Market President.  “We are a solution-oriented bank that can help employers in many ways and we support the efforts of UMA to serve as a one-stop shop for companies to make running their business easier.”

- Drew Yergensen



“Working with UMA has been great. They have given Lockton exposure to Utah Manufacturing companies that we wouldn’t otherwise have. They have a great team and they do a fantastic job on staying up to date with emerging risks to the manufacturing industry.”

- Anthony Jensen



We are proud to support the Utah Manufacturers Association and Utah’s robust manufacturing industry.  UMA provides top-notch advocacy and content for its members.  We are glad to have recently partnered with UMA and R&R Environmental to deliver Workforce Protection Services, a program assisting and educating UMA members in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Like UMA, we have a long history of serving as a strategic partner to manufacturing companies, helping them stay safe, solve problems, and protect their technologies.  We look forward to our continued partnership with UMA in 2021 and beyond.”

- Plymouth Nelson

Michael Best


“Visible Supply Chain Management has been a loyal sponsor of the UMA for several Years.  The benefits we receive from participating in the Association–from networking with other business leaders to the Association’s ever-expanding industry information and insights–are invaluable.  And their advocacy of our industry in Utah’s legislative decision-making is second to none in the world of trade organizations.”

- Brian Bowers

Visible Supply Chain Management



“ARCO Design/Build, one of the largest design and construction companies for manufacturing in the United States, established a Salt Lake division in 2020.  It quickly became apparent that the UMA could give us faster access to those manufacturers that need to build or expand facilities, in the fastest and most cost effective way possible.  The UMA staff have provided invaluable insight into the local manufacturing markets for us, and genuinely care about their membership.”

- Devon Hyatt

Arco Design Build


“We benefit through sponsorship and continued relationships with community leaders who support business in Utah.”

- Mark Walker



“Hexcel is a high-tech materials company whose employees have been manufacturing in Utah for almost 50 years.  Our membership in the UMA is important to ensure that not only are we supporting  Utah Manufacturing, but it also keeps us well informed of potential changes in the Utah Legislature that could impact local manufacturing (positively or negatively).  The UMA correspondingly serves as a conduit for us to express and share our concerns and needs to the Utah Legislature to successfully grow our business in Utah.”

- Michael Gleason



“Membership in the UMA is important to Holland & Hart because we perform legal services for many manufacturers.  Our membership keeps us on the cutting edge of the manufacturing industry so we can best serve our clients.”

- Steve Young

Holland & Hart


“We participate in associations like the UMA who support and advocate for pro-business policies that help grow manufacturing in our state.  The UMA helps to create a pro-business climate that encourages further investment and growth in our local and state economies.  This not only supports our current investments and jobs but helps encourage future investment and job growth benefiting the entire state.”

- Chris Locke

Nucor Steel


“The Utah Manufacturers Association has been a partner for more than a century.  Their skill and expertise in the manufacturing and legislative arenas have been valuable for our organization.  We appreciate their data-focused approach to help manufacturers thrive in Utah while contributing to the state’s broader economic, environmental and societal goals.”

- Josh Brown

Rio Tinto


“Rocky Mountain Power is pleased to support the Utah Manufacturers Association, which includes some of our largest customers.  Working with UMA helps Rocky Mountain Power understand the needs of our customers as we continue to provide some of the most affordable, reliable, and increasingly clean energy in the country.”

- Bryan Anderson

Rocky Mountain Power


Superior appreciates the work UMA does for the Manufacturing industry here in Utah, they give us the opportunity to network with other businesses and give us great resources to help keep our business growing and moving forward.

- Wendi Flitton

Superior Grinding & Sales, Inc


“Using the rear view mirror shows the great values of membership in the UMA.  For us, it has been ‘A Must’ investment.  Looking forward, it will become even more important.  We need to keep the safety and information programs encouraged.  The networking that is done is absolutely necessary.  There is so much to do as we move along in the future.”

- Don Lewon

Utah Metal Workds