For promotional products juggernaut SnugZ USA, true success comes from the heart

September 14, 2023

Twelve years after the invention of eyewear retainers, those hard-working straps that hold your glasses on your face while you sweat like a fountain (or try to see where you’re going on skis), the sports fashion world made them a colorful and fun must-have accessory. When five friends hopped on the trend, working in a cramped attic to craft their own line of cotton retainers, they wound up launching one of the most successful promotional products businesses in the country.

That was in 1989. Today, SnugZ USA is setting benchmarks for excellence in manufacturing, creativity, quality, and customer service in the promo gear industry. Offering one of the most diverse product selections and renowned for three decades of unparalleled customer service, their spot at the top is well earned. In January 2022, their acquisition of promotional and gifting products provider Sweda made the Utah-based supplier one of the 10 largest in the industry.