Governor Cox Visits Teal Drones

February 7, 2023

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox recently toured the headquarters of Teal Drones in Salt Lake City. Teal Drones was founded in 2015 by then 17 year old George Matus. 

The company started out as a consumer-focused startup and has since expanded its sales into enterprise and government sectors. Teal Drones developed the Golden Eagle, a small unmanned system with high resolution and thermal imaging via FLIR technology (purple and orange image below) for increased visibility in nighttime operations. It also developed Skypersonic, an unmanned aircraft for interior spaces and other dangerous environments. In 2021, Teal Drones was acquired by Red Cat Holdings, Inc., initially based in Hemet, CA and now located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Red Cat is a military technology provider to the drone industry, as mentioned in September 2021 by TechBuzz.